Average Joe

Event Date: 
August 26, 2017

Not everyone can be an age grouper or elite athlete. In fact, most of us are Average Joes or Average Janes just trying to beat our PR.

We now have a race for you - The Average Joe.

Average Joe Benefits
Average finisher ribbon - just like a 5th grade cross country meet.
Sightly better than average cotton Average Joe or Average Jane tshirt. 
Chip timed event

Average Joe & Jane "Winner"
The dude and dudette that finish in the middle will receive:
An overly compensated 4 foot tall trophy.
A six pack of ordinary beer AKA Joe Six Pack.
Bragging rights as being the most average person for an entire year!

Mostest Average Joe & Jane "Winner"
Those that won the Average Joe award at other Silver Circle Sports races, can run this event for free.  Of those award winners, we will select the mostest averagest and award them a lifetime entry to the Average Joe 5K.

Age Group Awards
Age groups five year increments starting at 10 years old.
Age group awards will be given to Joes and Janes who finish exactly in the middle of their age group.  Expect them to be huge!

Teams Awards
Largest Team - the team with the most average Joe and Janes will receive the Average Joe foot four trophy.  Imagine that bad boy in the lunch room.
Most Average Team - the team with the most average time will also get an obnoxious trophy.

The Average Kid

We know every Joe & Jane thinks their kid is special but the fact is, most of use grew up average. Average Kids can run the 1K for free. Those outside the 68–95–99.7 rule will be charged extra. Shirts are not included for kiddos but can be purchased during registration. 

Average Joe Award @ all SCSE Events

All Average Joe awardees can race this event for FREE but you gotta wear that sexy Average Joe shirt you won. More about the Average Joe award as SCSE races.