Average Joe Award

At all Silver Circle Sports Events 5K, we will award the Average Joe & Jane award.  The award goes to the male and female that finish exactly in the middle of their division will received receive a super sexy Average Joe / Average Jane shirt and flowers.

Check out all the winners below.

2017 Winter Average Joe & Jane Winner

Average Joe - WTA Procrastination Average Jane - WTA Procrastination
Average Joe - HAWS Move Your Mutt Average Jane - HAWS Move Your Mutt

2017 Summer Average Joe & Jane Winners

Average Joe - Frosty 5K Average Jane - Frosty 5K
Average Joe - Flannel 5K Average Jane - Flannel 5K
Average Joe - Shake Your Shamrocks Average Jane - Shake Your Shamrocks
Average Joe - WTA Run from Taxman Average Jane - WTA Run from Taxman
Average Joe - WTA Mothers Day Average Jane - WTA Mothers Day

Average Joe - TBG Juneau Park

Average Jane - TBG Juneau Park
Average Joe - Friday Night 5K Average Jane - Friday Night 5K
Average Joe - WTA Father's Day Average Jane - WTA Father's Day
Average Joe - Traveling Beer Garden Average Jane - Traveling Beer Garden
Wurst Beer 5K Rivers Crossing Park  

Wurst Beer 5K Bethesda Park

Wurst Beer 5K Bethesda Park