Race Management & Timing

Event too large to manage yourself? Are you ready to hold your first event?  Need timing help? Silver Circles Sports Events, LLC has you covered.

Silver Circle Sports Events, LLC can help. We are endurance athletes, timing coordinators and event managers. We know what it's like to toe the line and hold the bottom line. If you are looking for someone who has participated in and conducted all aspects of a race, Silver Circle Sports Events, LLC is your one stop team.


Silver Circle Sports Events is the leader in professional timing services using state of the art MyLaps timing systems. Whether it is a small 5K run, a large marathon or a complex XC skiing event, we can help. Our timers are experts in their field, Race Day Scoring certified and RaceJoy certified.

At Silver Circle Sports Events, we know the last thing a race director wants to worry about is timing. We've been there as event directors doing the “tap dance delay” waiting for the timer to get the results to us and athletes are frustrated with the race director’s delay. That's why we offer instant results. As soon as a runner crossed the finish line, their results are posted instantly. 

What does a Silver Circle Sports Event look like?



Silver Circle Sports Events, LLC​ Services:5K In a Box

  • Race Timing
  • On-line registration
  • Event promotion
  • Race/event director
  • T-shirt design, procurement
  • Municipal permitting
  • Race day registration
  • PA services
  • Course design
  • Event layout and design
  • Marketing - website, social media, postcards
  • Logo design
  • Banner/sign design and procurement
  • Food & beverage assistance
  • Equipment rental - race equipment, stages, tents
  • Volunteer Management

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New to the event planning business?  Here are just a few things to consider:

  • Where will the event be held and will you need permits?
  • How will the event be insured?
  • Will there be liquor, and if so, how do you get a permit?
  • Where do you find volunteers?
  • Is EMS necessary, and if so, do you hire private or the local municipality?
  • What is your marketing plan?
  • Are you going to do on-line registrations, and if so, with who?
  • What is the cost to promote an event and who pays for what?
  • What time should the event start and when should you expect it to end?
  • Will you need police services and will roads need to be closed?
  • Do you need on site security? (Your insurance may require it).
  • Who is going to time the event and what is the difference between chip and clock timing?
  • What is the budget and lead time on ordering medals, shirts, bibs, food, permits, beer, security, ems, timing?

Sound overwhelming?
We understand. It's a full time job to coordinate all the moving pieces of an event. Not to mention the army of volunteers and truck loads of equipment. At Silver Circle Sports Events, LLC we can provide basic consulting services or we can manage the entire event.

Thank you for considering Silver Circle Sports Events, LLC. You can get a quote for your next event here.