Whether you need a couple of cones or a complete event setup, we can help.  

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Equipment List

Stage (4'x4' sections)
Stage Skirts - 8' section
Podium mic stand
Barricades up to 4,000 feet
Tents (10X10)
Tents (10X20)
PA system with microphone
Wireless microphone
Ipod with PG song list
Generator - 1000w
Generator - 5000w
Five gallon water dispensers (empty)
Five gallon water jugs (non dispenser, empty)
Water - 5 gallons, returnable bottles
Cups - 360 per bag
Credit card processing on site
Truss (approx. 18' width)
Truss Large - 10' tall. The width can be adjusted 10' - 50'.
Extension cords 50'
Course marking arrow signs
Medical station (tent, table, 4 chairs)
Water station (table, 2 five gallon water dispensers, garbage can, 360 cups, water included)
Orange cones 18"
Start Flags - 10' tear drop
Finish Flag - 10' tear drop
Registration Flag - 10' tear drop
PA stands
Fly Guys
Mile Markers (cost each)
Large Cooler - 125 quarts (248 cans)
Water bottle cooling tubs (small) - holds 50 bottles + ice
Water bottle cooling tubs (large) - holds 250 bottles + ice
Safety Vest
Utility Vehicle
Insulated 5 gallon hot water dispensers
Sandwich Board - 3' tall
Garbage Cans
Display TV
Kuerig Machine