Silver Circle Foundation, Inc is dedicated to supporting the needs of our firefighters, police officers, veterans, and troops serving overseas through charitable giving, care packages, and fundraising. We provide personal safety items for firefighters & police officers. We raise money to help support wounded veterans and their families obtain mortgage-free homes and we provide care packages for troops serving overseas.

Fire Fighters & Police Officers

In 2012, our founder's father-in-law needed medical assistance. That day, we realized how much our police, fire, and EMS members contribute to our communities. Almost immediately, men and women rushed into our home, some still in their civilian clothes, to assist our family member. Many of these men and women are volunteers and, in an instant, they dropped whatever they were doing in order to assist our family. We are immensely thankful for their dedicated service.

Soon after that day, we decided we needed to give back to these heroes. Immediately, Silver Circle Sports Events, LLC created a fundraising event for them and, over the years since its creation, the Timothy Gahagan Memorial Frostbite Scramble has raised over $50,000! 


Silver Circle Sports Events, LLC is a veteran-owned company. We know how difficult it is to serve overseas and how much it means to recieve a care package. The Foundation raises money, collects food, and collects over 1,000 Christmas cards a year for the troops.

Some of those troops return home disabled. The foundation raises money to help support disabled veterans and their families primarily though organizations that build mortgage-free homes.

While Silver Circle Sports Events, LLC has been doing all of this since its inception, it is time to move forward and take the next step with Silver Circle Foundation. The Foundation gives us more latitude in fund raising. We hope you will consider supporting our mission to support the needs for firefighters, police officers, veterans, and troops serving overseas.