Frosty Pancake 1K

Event Date: 
January 26, 2018
Frame Park

Think your a speed demon?  Try running the Pancake 1K with a pancake balanced on a pancake turner at the Waukesha Janboree Frosty 5K.

How it works?

Runners start the race with a pancake balanced on a pancake turner.  They must complete the race while balancing the pancake with one hand. If the pancake falls off the pancake turner, runners must stop and rebalance the pancake before continuing.

This is a free race if you are registered for the Chilly Willy Winter Run Series


The race is 0.43 miles or 2,270 12" pancake turners

Course Map

Is it a spatula or flipper?

The proper name for a utensil that is used to turn pancakes is pancake turner or flipper – not to be confused with this Flipper.

Pancake 1K rules

• All runners must wear an apron. Head scarfs are a bonus.
• We will provide a spatula and the pancake.
• Runners must hold the spatula at the end and the pancake must balance on the flat part. In other words, you can't hold the pancake on the pancake turner.
• If the pancake falls off, the runner must stop and place it back on the flat part of the pancake turner.
• A runner cannot make forward progress unless the pancake is on the pancake turner.
• The race will be chip timed.
• If a runner crosses the finish line without the pancake on flat part of the pancake turner, they will be disqualified.
• The spatula must be held with one hand.


The event will start at 8:30 prior to the kiddos 1K.  See Frosty 5K for full schedule.


Overall Male & Female - Free all you can eat pancake breakfast at the Waukesha Janboree.