Run S'more 24 FAQ

What is the deal with this #24SCSE?
The #24SCSE has been in the works for over three years. Since there have been so many question, here is a FAQ:
Why did you choose Nashotah?

It is the only park in the United States with a confirmed Sasquatch.  We also wanted a park that had a long, straight stretch so we can set up a kick ass transition area with music, lights, screaming fans and hundreds of your newest friends.  It will be like finishing a marathon every 3 miles.

That and we love working with Waukesha County and the staff at Nashotah. 

Why is it 24 hours and not a set distance?
Because we want to give you the flexibility to run as much or as little as you want.

Do I have to have all my team members ready when I sign up?
Nope. We are super duper flexible on this.  You can add, remove or exchange team members anytime you would like.  Running is hard enough.  Putting a team together should not be an endurance event for the team captain.

Do we have to camp?
Nope, but you should.  Part of the experience is hanging with your team and all the new friends you will make at the event.

Will there be food & beverage?
It is on the dance card.

Will you have a fire pit & s'mores?
Are you kidding?  Of course a horse is a horse of course.

Is it open to the public?
Yes. Spectators are welcome.

Is there a parking fee?  
Nope it is covered in your entry fee?

Is there a finisher medal?
You mean something that looks like this?

Are lights required at night?

How will we know how far we have run at the end?
You will have a timing chip on and we will track your laps.

Can I have a pacer?
If they are a registered runner, you can run with anyone you want. 

Which course are you using at Nashotah Park?
As of right now, we are using the 5K course.  

Will there be an aid station on course?
Yes.  There will be water and sports drink on the course but you are encouraged to have a team hydration plan.  Your going to see them every 3 miles.

Will the solo division be supported?
You bet. We are working through the specifics but your division will be supported and there will be a separate place for solo runners to place their gear.

Does our team have to run consistently?
Uh no, but why wouldn’t you.  Your team can segment the distances by whatever you want. If you want 1 team member to run 5 laps then trade off with another team member to run 1 lap, no worries.  How you run the 24 hours is 100% up to you. 

How will you know who is on course?
There will be a transition area where team mates will need to transfer the race bib (with timing chip).  You can only switch team members is this area. If you decide your team wants to leave the course, you must check out through the transition area.  Please do not just leave the course.

I only have 6 team mates and I signed up for the 8 person team.
No worries.  You can still participant in the event and will compete in the 8 person division.

Is this a race or a fun run?
Yes to both. While there will be super man like endurance athletes, we welcome and encourage Average Joes & Janes to run.   Part of running a 24 hour relay is the spending time with friends and hanging out with all the other runners around the fire pit making s’mores.

Can we leave the park during the event?
Sure but why would you? We will have everything you need.

What if I have questions?
Click that tab on the top right of your screen that says contact.

What if I have a suggestion?
Fire away. We love to get suggestions and feedback.