Run From The Taxman Course Update

Taxman Course update and General comments…from the course manager.

Update April 12, 2018

Ran the 5K course yesterday and it was in pretty good condition.  Still some areas that have mud but overall pretty good.  When we refer to mud, it really is an area that is most and slippery. There are not mud puddles or mud pits like a mud run.  

Update April 10, 2018

We ran the trail again this weekend. There is still ice on a portion and the Ice Age Trail is to dangerous to run.  Jeff is working on new courses that will still include the tower but will avoid the ice age.  Expect the course to be muddy but it will be on the wider trails that are less technical.

April 7, 2018

Last week I did a Reconnaissance run of the 10k / Half Marathon courses, all was good with exception of the North / Eastern boundary of the trail which has a quarter mile section of crystalized snow and solid ice the full width of the trail.  This is a section that climbs the longest hill and is the split point for the 10K and Half Marathon runners. Today (4/6/18) I ran the route again and little has changed; ergo For Runner Safety I’m eliminating this section of the course as little will change between today and race day. I will check this section again next week Friday and ONLY consider using this section if it is SAFE.

I worked today on an alternative route that will utilize more of the Ice Age trail and basically more scenic with boardwalks and a nice view of the small lake on the South / West end. The distance for the 10K is 6.1 miles and I’m adding a .5 mile loop which should get the Half Marathon close to 13.1.  Keep in mind trail runs are at the mercy of the trail system in regards to course layout.  Iwill endeavor to get the Three (3) distances as close to actual mileage as possible.

The course will be muddy…wear appropriate running shoes.

The Tower
In past years, and this year as well, I’m asking that ALL Runners use the hand rail when Ascending and Descending.  There will be a lot of muddy foot traffic and the steps will get slippery.  Please be cautious and PLEASE use the hand rail…once at the top of the tower walk a counterclockwise perimeter and then descend. The race owner has trusted my judgment to incorporate the Tower climbs…please follow this rule so the tower will always be a part of the run.

Once at the bottom of the tower you will take a left turn and follow the steps down to the most technical portion of the course, which is only a Quarter mile long.  Please watch your footing and be cognizant of a 8” drop in the Terrain which I call the “Amanda Leap”…named after Amanda Redline who loves to fly mid air.  it’s safe to just go to the right or left side of the drop and circumvent the area slowly or if you are a seasoned trail runner then go airborne.  I'll be just beyond this section with my camera as it’s the best place for me to take action / caution photos.

I designed all Three courses and will be setting the courses early in the morning.

Thanks and I’ll see everyone on the 14th.

Jeff Crosby