WTA Team Challenge

2017 Team Champion - Team InStep

Here is how it works.

As part of our effort to increase awareness of run local / buy local, we have created the WTA Running Team Challenge.  The goal is to increase awareness of local running managers (hey that’s us), local running stores (hey that’s our partner InStep) and local running teams (hey that’s all of us) in a fun and competitive format. 

Want to join the team challenge?  Well it is super-duper easy and free.  We only ask that you help promote the WTA Run Series and awareness of run local / buy local. 

WTA Running Team Challenge Rules

  • Teams must finish with 4 runners but as many team members can run as you wish.  When registering create a team and invite your runners.
  • The scores of your four highest placed runners will be used (within their age group).  Points are awarded on a cross country basis within the age group.  First 1 point, second 2 points…
  • Each team must compete in 5 of 7 races.
  • We ask that all team members race in their team’s singlet / tshirts as the outside layer of clothing but there is no requirement to do so.
  • Your team does not need to be elite athletes.
  • We reserve to right to change our mind and the rules at any point at any time.

The winning team will receive the following:

  • Four free entries into the Wisconsin Trail Assail Series
  • An obnoxiously large trophy to show off
  • Bragging rights for an entire year
  • Know that you support your local running community

Scoring example

Your four fastest runners are

  1. Jimbo 5K - with a time of 16:30.00 resulting in a first place in male 20-24 = 1 point for the team
  2. Buffy 5K - with a time of 17:00.44 resulting in a second place in female 30-24 = 2 points for the team
  3. Timmy 10K - with a time of 48:50.08 resulting in a  fourth place in male 50-54 = 4 points for the team
  4. Marge 1/2 marathon - with a time of 1:59:18 resulting in a tenth place in female 40-44 = 10 points for the team

The team would get 16 points.  It does not matter what distance they run since we use the four highest placed runners on your team and then take their place in their age group and race.

Creating Teams

If you are registered already, just email us your team name and members. We will create the team for you.  Otherwise, you can create or select a team during registration.